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Pool filters are essential to maintaining clean water that is safe and enjoyable to swim in.

As your biggest pool service provider in Western New York, Pool Mart covers all of your filtration needs.

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Pool Filters for a Wide Variety of Pools

The right filter removes dirt, impurities, microorganisms, leaves, hair, dust, bacteria, insects and other contaminants from the pool and promotes better distribution of chemicals. Water is pumped from the swimming pool and passed through a barrier, which traps and holds debris before releasing clean water back into the pool. The three types of filters include sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth (D.E. filters). Each requires a different level and frequency of maintenance.
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We Have the Accessories and Maintenance Items You Need

The right swimming pool filter and pump supports worry-free and enjoyable pool ownership. Along with helping to ensure clean water, regular filter maintenance combats rising pressure, lack of water flow and needless repairs. Locally owned and operated for 50 years. Pool Mart carries a wide selection of options for cleaning your water. We assist in determining the right fit for your pool and preferences and make sure you’re comfortable with upkeep. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to ensure a sparkling clean pool.
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