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Cold water immersions aren’t strictly for athletes.

Soaking your body temporarily in water temperatures of 59 degrees Fahrenheit or lower not only provides an adrenaline boost, but can prove highly rewarding for muscle recovery, inflammation and overall well-being.

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Cold Plunge Tubs from Pool Mart

Believed to promote stress management and relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression, cold plunges offer a wide array of physical and mental benefits. Decreasing core body temperature builds resilience and discipline, assisting in the ability to handle other types of stress. There’s a significant rush of endorphins, a spike of dopamine and the potential to regulate hormones, improve sleep, elevate mood, speed up injury recovery and accelerate metabolism.
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Learn more about the opportunities of cold water plunge tubs by giving us a call at 716-280-POOL, submitting our online form or stopping by one of our five separate locations. Get a firsthand look at the many available styles and let our professionals share the recommendations and insight of extensive experience. Pool Mart has provided exceptional quality of products, excellent customer service and the latest evolution of spas for 50 years. We offer Western New York homeowners unmatched opportunities.
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Whether you’re looking for a pool, hot tub, patio furniture, supplies or more, we offer five locations across Western New York that will be able to service your specific need.



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