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Here is our April PM Splash News! Spring has sprung and it’s time to think about your backyard. Let us know if you need help.


Customer Appreciation Weekend & Season Supply Sale

Families, start your pool filters!  April is our Season Supply Sale 4/17-4/30.  A lot of our customers get their filter systems hooked up, get their water balanced and stock up on their chemicals for the season.  Stop in to your closest location for discounts on Simple Blue, Simple Salt, Baquacil and participating chlorine water care products.  If you’re ready to make the switch over to Simple Blue, opening season is the best time to do it.  Ask any associate how to convert to Simple Blue and save some money while you’re at it. Our Customer Appreciation Weekend is April 14th, 15th, 16th.


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Are you a competitive swimmer or a fitness enthusiast?  Do you have a larger indoor or outdoor project that includes a Swim Spa?  Pool Mart in Depew currently has two different showrooms (6410 Transit Rd. and 6447 Transit Rd.) featuring Swim Spas from Endless Pools, the creator of Swim Spas.  You can customize your ideal size, layout and options like Aqua Bikes, Swim Tethers, Row Bars and more in-store with an associate, through our automated kiosk or even online in augmented reality at  We also have a filled and operational Endless Pool if you’d like to book an appointment for a test swim.

Pool Help

“What chemicals do I need to open my pool?”

While there is a Pool Opening Kit in a box, be aware that the kit treats up to 10,000 gallons IF the pool water is clear and balanced after you take the cover off.  Your best course of action when opening your pool is to top it off with fresh water, scoop out any leaves or organic matter that got in over the winter, get the filter running continuously until the pool is clear and kickstart the water chemistry so that you’re starting off on the right foot.  If you let any Pool Mart employee know how the water looks (green, cloudy or clear), we can put together an opening kit for your situation that will set you up for success.  Under-dosing your pool when opening will cost you more money to treat in the long run than addressing how the pool looks when you get the cover off.


Hot Tub Help

Two of the most common (and easy to solve) error codes that appear on your hot tub are the airlock code and a flow code, so we’re going to talk about two quick fixes to resolve both issues.

If you’ve just changed the water in your hot tub and you’re getting an airlock code, the main cause is that the water wasn’t filled through your spa’s plumbing.  This can be resolved by draining the hot tub, placing your hose inside the standpipe in your filter compartment and refilling the hot tub.  You can also weigh the hose down with your hot tub cover if you don’t want to stand there and babysit the fill the entire time.

For a flow code error, one of the main causes is that the filters are old and/or dirty, so the water can’t circulate properly.  The most common solution is to: 1) Shut the power off through the breaker and wait fifteen minutes.  Then 2) remove your spa filters and power the spa back up.  If the error code goes away, then you know you need to give your filters a thorough clean or, if they’re old, they need to be replaced.  You can get a really deep clean with your filters using FC-5 Filter Cleaner.  And as a bench rule, most spa filters need to be replaced every three years.  If your Hot Spring spa uses Tri-X filters, they only get replaced every five years.

If these solutions don’t fix the following error codes, put in a call with one of our service technicians to troubleshoot or schedule service.

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