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Swimming Pool Liners

Pool Mart offers a high quality option for liners. Virgin Vinyl, 25 Guage Liners with a 10 year warranty available in full print or ocean blue.


Swimming Pool Filters

Filtration is the key to a worry free water experience. There are many great options for cleaning your water and Pool Mart can help you figure out which system works best for you and your family.

Sand, Earth, or Cartridge?
Pool Mart is here to help!


  • You should filter your pool 8-12 (closer to 10-12 when your water is above 80 degrees) hours a day at night when everyone is done swimming and the sun is down.
  • This is also the time you would add your chemicals.
  • The sun can cook out the chemicals prematurely, not allowing the highest sanitizing potential.
  • Your Filter Tank pound-force per square inch or (P.S.I.) should be around 8-12 psi.

Swimming Pool Pumps

Having the right pump for your size pool is a crucial part to clean water.

Pool Mart offers 3/4 hp, 1 hp, & 1.5 hp pumps for above ground pools and 1 hp pumps for inground pools.