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Nothing beats a heater for adding comfort to early morning lap sessions, after-dark swims or to extend the swim season to earlier in the spring or later in the fall. The key to pool heating economy is combustion efficiency...making sure the heat that is generated is transferred to the pool water with as close to 100% efficiency as possible. Our high efficiency gas heaters heat up fast. They are economical to run. And they're built to last.




High Performance Heater

The remarkably affordable new MasterTemp 125 heater gives you the energy savings and advanced operating features that were only available from much larger heaters. With its revolutionary pre-mixed gas combustion technology, the MasterTemp 125 heater offers 82% thermal efficiency - the highest of any heater in its category. Its 1-1/2" plumbing is ideal for smaller applications, including aboveground pools, spas and inground pools up to 15,000 gallons. Featuring the first ever rotating, digital display offered in its class, the MasterTemp 125 heater provides valuable information conveniently and at the touch of a button. Plus, its lightweight, compact design makes the MasterTemp 125 heater easier to install than any other heater in its class - reducing labor costs which saves you money.


•82% energy efficiency is highest in its class

•High-performance, affordable heating with premium features

•1-1/2" plumbing - ideal for smaller bodies of water up to 15,000 gallons

•Pre-mixed combustion technology for ultra-fast heat-up

•Rotating difital display - the first in its price category - provides fast, easy access for programming and monitoring

•Certified for low NOx emissions

•Certified for outdoor and indoor- vented installations



High Performance Heater

MasterTemp® offers all the efficiency, convenience and reliability features you want in a pool heater, plus a lot more. As easy to use as your home heating system, plus, user-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap. The compact design and super quiet operation won't intrude on your poolside leisure time. Heavy-duty (HD) unit with cupro-nickel exchanger stands up to the harshest of applications, like low pH, high flow or heavy use. 


•Heats up fast so no long waits before enjoying your pool or spa

•Best-in-class energy efficiency

•Manual gas shut-off when service is required

•Eco-friendly MasterTemp® is certified for low NOx emission and outperforms industry standards

•Rotating digital display allows for easy viewing

•Tough, rustproof exterior handles the heat and weathers the elements


Solar Heater

Go GREEN to heat your pool
More efficient • More Economical • More Effective
Extend your swimming season!


•Heat your pool water the GREEN way using only the sun’s free solar energy.

•Simple “Do-It-Yourself” installation on any above ground pool or most in ground pools.

•Connect multiple heaters in sequence to increase efficiency and heating effectiveness using a heater by-pass kit(sold separately).


Total Water Care

 Keeping a worry free pool is a very elementary process. But, while you're getting acclimated with things, Pool Mart is here to support and educate you. One of our highly experienced sales associates is always in house to help. We also have a extremely efficient water testing system to give you accurate snap shots of your waters chemistry. Along with your traditional chlorine or bromine systems there are different ways to keep your water clear and sanitized. Pool Mart can help you decide which will work best with your family's schedule.



Simple Blue Pool Water Manager

A Once A Week, 2 Step System
Simple Blue is a hybrid combination of products traditionally used to maintain a trouble free pool, brought together in a unique 2 step concept to make pool water care simpler and more dependable. It provides sparkling clear water that is balanced, soothing, non-bleaching, odorless, and free of drying residues. Simply put, THE BEST POOL WATER, THE EASIEST WAY!
•7 Day sustaining oxidizer(stable 99% pure persulphate based, not monopersulphate)
•UV and heat resistant
•Continuous water clarifier
•Continuous algaecide protection
•Creates soft conditioned feel to the water
•Reduces discomforts of chlorine (i.e.drying of hair and skin, burning eyes, etc.)
•Helps manage PH and water balance
•Inhibits calcium hardness scaling
•Reduces chemical smells and taste
•Compatible with chlorine and other traditional pool products
•Works well with all filters and friendly to all pool surfaces
•No initiation or conversion needed. Requires only clean filtration and good circulation (minimum 8 hours a day)


Chlorine Free!
BAQUACIL™ offers a 3-step, three product chlorine-free system that is easy to use. With premium BAQUACIL™ pool care products, you can finally achieve the kind of clarity your pool was designed for in the first place. After all, BAQUACIL™ brand does away with tedious pool care by enabling you to convert your pool into a chlorine-free, carefree sanctuary in less than 24 hours. The result? Clear, beautiful water that's gentle on eyes, hair and skin, not to mention pool surfaces and swimsuits.