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Aluminum Decks

Pool Mart offers a 100 % Aluminum Deck that has indoor/outdoor carpet and a lifting lockable ladder. This deck is available in a variety of sizes and styles.


In Pool Ladders

There are 3 In Pool Ladder options available. The first being a candy cane style aluminum/resin, the second is an all resin, heavy duty, and the last is a stainless steel candy cane style.


Pool Steps

Pool steps are a great option for getting into the pool. Kids have a place to hang out, Senior Citizens have a nice large entrance area with handles, and parents have a great perch to look after the young ones.


Ground to Pool System

A Frame Ladder

The Convertible A Frame Ladder is a lifting lockable ladder that gives you the option to use this full entry system until you build your deck and then when that day arrives this ladder is convertible to a heavy duty inpool ladder.

Royal Step Combo

The Royal Step Combo gives you a hybrid option for getting into the pool. You can sit on the steps and watch the kids play. With the lifting, lockable outside ladder, you can say when the pool is closed. It is a great alternative to a deck.