Q:How deep can I get my pool?
A:The traditional above ground pool has a 52” wall, which is already ten inches deeper than the shallow end of the traditional inground pool. There are two ways to make it deeper; make the wall longer with a 54” wall, or make the middle of the pool deeper with a dish-out and extra deep liner. With a dish-out, you use an extra deep liner and add 6” to 18” depth to the middle of a 52” pool, with a shallow slope. The bigger the pool, the deeper you can go. If you use a snap in or beaded liner, don’t try to dish-out. That type of liner has no room for adjustment.
Q:Which is better, round or oval?
A: It depends on what you want from a pool. The best value (dollars per gallon) will be the largest round pool that you can fit. An 18’ round pool holds around 8,000 gallons. A 24’ round and a 15’x30’ oval both hold around 15,000. The 24’ round is generally only a few hundred dollars more than the 18’ round, but it’s twice as big! The 15’x30’ oval is $1500 more than the 24’ round, and it has essentially the same amount of space and water. That’s because oval pools have an entire apparatus –hold down plates, underground straps, and stabilizing plates – that keep the pool from turning into a round pool from the water pressure. Price isn’t everything, though. You may decide on a pool shape for space, layout, landscaping or your planned usage. An oval pool, especially with a nice deck, can look much like an inground pool – at a vastly lower price.
Q: Do I need to fence my yard?
A: It depends on the requirements of your town. Please check with your town for specific zoning requirements.
Q: What part of the installation am I responsible for?
A: You are responsible for knowing and following your town’s zoning requirements, obtaining a permit, providing reasonable access to the installation site, and for all aspects of the electrical wiring. If you need help finding an electrician, we would be happy to assist you.
Q: How early can I have the pool installed?
A: It depends on your yard and the weather. If your yard is dry and you reserve your pool soon, it can be installed as soon as your installer says "it's a go".
Q: Are there any alternatives to chlorine?
A: Yes! We have 2 great chlorine alternatives. Baquacil and Simple Blue are both low maintenance pool sanitizing systems.
Q: What do you mean by “low maintenance”?
A: Chlorine in liquid, granular, or 1 inch tablet form, should be added every day. Baquacil and Simple Blue require only a weekly water check and are usually added only every 10-14 days.
Q: How long should I run my filter?
A: Filters with single speed pumps should be run 8-12 hours per day, 7 days a week. Filters with 2 speed pumps should be run on low 24 hours per day, and are only required to run on high when vacuuming or adding water care products.
Q: Do I have to cover my pool when I’m not using it?
A: This depends on your personal preference. In the summer, a solar cover will heat your pool and retain the heat. Solar covers also help to keep debris out of your pool, and save on chemical consumption. In the winter, we highly recommend that you cover your pool.
Q: When I put my solar cover on my pool, do the bubbles go up or down?
A: The bubbles go down.
Q: How do I winterize/open my pool?
A: Our sales staff would be glad to help you with any questions you have regarding winterizing or opening your pool. We also have printed instruction sheets available for your convenience