Mira M700 Lounge

10 Horsepower. 52 jets. Unlimited Possibilities

The M700 is a great choice for therapy, fun, and relaxation. Available as a lounge or non-lounge hot tub, your family will thank you for selecting the M700. With over 320 gallons of water coursing through jets every minute, therapy is the word! And every M700 comes standard with Mira-Glo lighting, a multi-color light show delivered through three underwater lights. Add Mira-Dream digital lighting above the water line and you have one of the most elaborate light shows in the industry. Top off the experience with Mira-Sound! Insert a CD or tune to your favorite station, or better yet, plug in your own personal music device, sit back, close your eyes and relax. You own the world—and an M700!


M700 (Non Lounge)
Seats: 6 Adults
Dimensions: 84” x 84” x 36.5”
Water Capacity:450 Gallons
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I was in the position of needing to buy 2 hot-tubs. One for our place in Ellicottville and the other for our residence in Canada. As a previous owner of a Jacuzzi, I was torn as to the options. In the end, we chose the Hotsprings Vanguard for Ellicottville, and a high end Jacuzzi for our home. … Read more
PeterEllicottville, NY