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Sensational quality, fantastic customer service and guaranteed results are what makes Swiss Grill the product that it is. Deriving from 24 years of grilling expertise and the design based enthusiasm that the company holds dear.  Swiss Grill was born out of a genuine passion and enthusiasm to create the ultimate grill and still be affordable. Swiss Grill bbq’s deliver style and sophistication as well as being able to cook like a professional. The bbq’s are all made from stainless steel components and the strong burners guarantee the longevity that the world has come to expect of Swiss design.  The dynamic grill structure ensures that the bbq’s are rigid and everlasting. The Swiss grill is functional and easy to use.  Grilling Alfresco is an all year round experience, anything is possible on a Swiss Grill.

Creative, innovative and stylish.


The Zurich Series was created for the Grill Master in you. These Grills are designed to last, perfect for keeping outdoors. Low maintenance, high results and precise cooking. Ideal for the outdoor entertainer.


The AROSA SERIES defines new boundaries with design, function and quality being at the forefront of the grill.



The Built In Series has been made to compliment your custom made backyard island.